Meeting and Events

The Best Western Queens Hotel Dundee caters to meetings and events of all sizes with its selection of well-appointed meeting rooms. Each space is bathed in natural light and showcases the hotel’s Victorian heritage, creating an inspiring atmosphere for any gathering.

For grand occasions, the Montrose and Glamis Rooms take center stage. Both can accommodate up to 140 guests, making them ideal for conferences, presentations, or large-scale training sessions. Their high ceilings and ornate details provide a touch of grandeur to your event.

For smaller, more focused meetings, a variety of options are available. The Airlie and Duncan Rooms offer cozy settings for brainstorming sessions or intimate gatherings, accommodating 20 and 25 guests respectively. The Victoria Suite stands out for its unmatched versatility. This expansive space can be divided into separate sections for focused discussions or transformed into a grand hall for up to 200 guests. Whether you require a dedicated breakout space for a conference or a spacious banquet hall for a gala dinner, the Victoria Suite can be configured to meet your needs.

Victoria Suite : A Canvas for Your Vision

The Victoria Suite at the Best Western Queens Hotel Dundee isn’t just a meeting room; it’s a canvas for your vision. This expansive space offers unmatched versatility, transforming seamlessly to accommodate a wide range of events. Here’s how the Victoria Suite can elevate your next meeting or gathering:

Unmatched Flexibility: Imagine dividing the Victoria Suite into three distinct sections to create dedicated areas for brainstorming sessions, presentations, and breakout groups. This allows for a dynamic flow to your conference or meeting, fostering focused discussions and collaboration.

Large-Scale Events: Reunite your entire team or host a spectacular product launch. When configured as a single space, the Victoria Suite comfortably accommodates up to 200 guests, making it ideal for larger conferences, training sessions, or company-wide events.

Intimate Gatherings: Need a grand backdrop for a smaller, more intimate gathering? The Victoria Suite can be sectioned off to create a more intimate and focused environment for board meetings, client presentations, or special occasions.

Historical Charm: Enrich your gathering with the elegance of a bygone era. The Victoria Suite retains the grandeur of the hotel’s Victorian architecture, with high ceilings, natural light streaming through grand windows, and potentially even decorative elements that nod to the hotel’s rich history. This creates a unique and memorable atmosphere for any event.

Capacity: 200

Montrose Room

Ideal for conferences, presentations, or product launches, the Montrose Room is the hotel’s grandest meeting space. Accommodating up to 140 guests, this airy room features high ceilings and stunning National Trust Listed carved details.

Capacity: 140

Glamis Room

 versatile space mirroring the grandeur of the Montrose Room, the Glamis Room can also host up to 140 guests. This elegant room is perfect for conferences, training seminars, or large board meetings.

Capacity: 140

Airlie Room

Perfect for intimate gatherings and brainstorming sessions, these charming meeting rooms offer a cozy and focused environment.

Capacity: 20

Duncan Room

Perfect for intimate gatherings and brainstorming sessions, these charming meeting rooms offer a cozy and focused environment.

Capacity: 25